Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Theology training that will prepare you for effective ministry as a teaching pastor in the local church. This program includes the study of specific Bible, theology and ministry practices.

Course Detail

  •  Duration: Three years full-time (also available part-time)
  •  Medium of Instruction : English
  •  Requirement : +2 / College Entrance Passed
  •  Pathways: Provides entry into the Master of Divinity
  •  Delivery: Online, Campus (Greater Noida)
“HMC has helped me prepare for a life of ministry in various ways – from understanding hermeneutical principles to deliver the word of God effectively, to building lasting friendships with classmates…;I am in ministry now and and blessed to have received the training and development from Harvest.”

Course Structure

All Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) students must complete a maximum of 20 subjects of 1st year , a minimum of 15 subjects of 2nd year and a minimum of 15 subjects of 3rd year.
*Bachelor of Theology (B.Th) Students need to write an original thesis demonstrating their ability to perform biblical and theological research at a scholarly level. The thesis must involve the exegesis of Scripture, employing the original languages as appropriate, either for the purpose of clarifying the meaning of some term(s) or passage(s) in Scripture; or for the purpose of clarifying the biblical evidence relating to some issue(s) of theological or pastoral significance. The thesis must contain not fewer than 50 nor more than 70 pages of text material, with approval based upon literary quality and theological content. The student will be assigned a faculty adviser for his thesis project, dependent upon the faculty member’s availability and consent, and upon approval of the Vice Principal/Principal for Academic Administration.